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Our Core Services

Living Management provides property management solutions that add value for our clients and their assets. The firm employs a proactive, experienced team of property management professionals that are equally skilled at managing multifamily residential, small and large condominium/co-op buildings, single condominium units and commercial buildings.
Living Management is committed to providing the best comprehensive property management for multifamily rental properties in New York City. Our services include the following:
  • Rent Collection
  • Yardi based financial reporting
  • Residential and commercial leasing
  • Lease renewal processing
  • Commercial and Residential lease abstracting and administration
  • Invoice processing and operating expense payment
  • Violation clearing
  • 3-day notice filing
  • Vendor contract negotiating
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Core vendor selection and management
  • Capital improvement and MCI filings
  • Project management
  • Tax protest filing
  • Insurance and policy renewal review
  • Energy efficiency benchmarking
  • Local Law 84, 87, and 88 compliance
  • Elevator inspection compliance
  • Boiler and HVAC service contracts
  • Fire extinguisher inspection and smoke/Co2 detector compliance
  • Pest control management
  • Roof and exterior inspection
  • Emergency plumbing and leak response
  • 24/7 disaster management response
  • Janitorial, trash, and cleaning supervision
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Our Specialized Services


We provide a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services in house for all types of properties. Our team is responsible for the accounting controls, records, operations, and reporting for all of our assets.


Our designated rental brokerage firm co-brokes and shares listings with all REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York) members. A listing assigned to our rental brokerage firm is visible to all member brokerage firms in New York City.

Guides & Market Reports

Explore our resource center of carefully produced and selected guides, reports and analytics. Our guides and reports are specifically designed to give you the best insight when making buying, selling and investment decisions. 

We make the best tools available to you, constantly innovating and we pride ourselves on being early adopters when it’s appropriate and beta-testing sound boards for the best vendors in the industry to help make their products work best for you.

Need Help Managing Your Property?

Living Management, LLC is a third party property management company founded in 2008. The firm manages approximately 10,000 units in over 400 buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Across the portfolio, Our office employs dedicated property managers, maintenance managers and leasing coordinators. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality management services.