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Today’s real estate manager is much more than someone who maintains the building and collects the rent.

Consider the typical office building or apartment complex: It is a multi-million-dollar asset, and its manager is recognized as the CEO of the business enterprise that property represents. Likewise, this manager is constantly in contact with those who work in that building or live in that apartment community – and thus has a real and immediate influence on their quality of life.

Living Management is on the lookout for talented employees who are seeking this kind of opportunity: Those with attention to detail and the ability to communicate with a variety of people, those who are technologically savvy and challenge-seeking, those who already have strong skill sets but are looking to learn more through training and mentorship.

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A Real Estate Manager’s primary
responsibilities fall into five areas:

1. Management of the physical property – maintenance, inspections, operations, capital improvements, sustainability.

2. Human resource management – managing and leading the people who maintain and support the property’s operations.

3. Financial management – budgeting, accounting, financial and investment analysis, leverage, financing.

4. Marketing and leasing – marketing plans and strategy, advertising and preparing the space for rent, showing the property, negotiating leases, establishing rents.

5. Legal and risk management – insurance, emergency planning, government regulations, contracts, leases.

Beyond these general functions, the duties and responsibilities vary to some degree based on:

​• The position that is held

• The type of property that is managed

• The employer or property owner

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