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Meilin Gray - Living New York

Meilin Gray

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
212.760.2690 x 127
About Meilin
A Silicon Valley native, Meilin split her childhood between China and California. In her teens she won national recognition in China as a professional singer and television show host. The entertainment world provided her with the opportunity to travel throughout Asia, performing for large audiences as a bilingual entertainer. Based in China for 12 years, Meilin travelled frequently between Beijing and Taiwan. Her unique perspective from this experience in Asia helps her understand the diverse needs and goals of her international clients. Meilin’s years of performing as a young artist have helped her to become a resourceful individual who rises to meet challenges head-on and form creative solutions. Meilin takes pride in the level of education her clients receive during their interactions, so they can make informed decisions based on the market and their personal needs. She understands Real Estate transactions are of a uniquely personal nature and her highest priority is to help each individual achieve their goals. She believes every client deserves her highest level of attention and effort in order to make their New York transactions as enjoyable and smooth as possible. Meilin has a natural eye for style and a meticulous attention to detail, which has opened many doors and opportunities to network with a diverse array of international clients.
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