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74 Grand

74 Grand Street, New York, NY

Project Details

Modern Luxury Meets History74 Grand Lofts is a remarkable brand new 6-unit condominium project located withinthe iconic SoHo Cast Iron Historic District. A perfect fusion of modern comfort and historic charm.You’ll appreciate the best of both worlds, with contemporary amenities and historicarchitectural details that tell a story of Soho’s rich past. The iron-front brick store at 74 Grand was originally designed with fine neo-Grecdetailing for Ambrose Kingsland, by George DaCunha. As mayor of New York City inthe 1850s, Kingsland had initiated the movement that ultimately led to the creationof Central Park. Later, this building housed artists Ron Gorchov and Brice Mardenand an historic art gallery in the 1970s – the famed Rabinovitch & Guerra Gallery. Award-Winning Preservation74 Grand Street was proudly honored with the 2022 Preservation Awardgiven by the New York Landmarks Conservancy. This accolade speaks to thecommitment to preserving the neighborhood’s unique heritage. LocationIn the heart of Soho, this home provides unparalleled access to some of thecity’s finest dining, shopping, and cultural experiences. From world-renownedgalleries to trendy boutiques and Michelin-starred restaurants, everything is atyour doorstep.



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